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President Donald Trump on Monday (Aug. 3) signed an executive order calling on CMS to make permanent some telehealth provisions allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as authorize the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to create a rural health payment model.

Trump Signs Executive Order Improving Rural Health, Telehealth Access

Focus On COVID-19


Hospitals and other providers that took out Medicare loans earlier this year are beginning to see their pay withheld as those loans come due, and while the Federation of American Hospitals is blaming Congress for not acting quickly to avert the situation, the Medical Group Management Association says CMS should delay and change providers’ repayment obligations during the pandemic.

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  • Bipartisan Duo Seeks To Make Provider Relief Tax Free

  • COVID-19 Stimulus Stalls Over Unemployment Aid, House Nixes Recess

  • Giroir Downplays COVID-19 Test Issues As Senate Spotlights Delays

  • House Republicans Accuse States Of Hoarding CARES Act Funds


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The president said drug industry representatives called him Friday (July 31) to say they want to discuss policies to lower drug prices that don’t involve tying Medicare Part B reimbursement to international prices.

Pallone Unsure Whether Rare Disease PRV Program Should Be Permanent

House Energy & Commerce Committee Chair Frank Pallone (D-NJ) is concerned about efforts to make permanent FDA’s rare pediatric disease priority review voucher (PRV) program.

DelBene, Welch, LaHood Bill Contains ACO-Backed Program Changes

Long-awaited legislation to tweak accountable care organizations – and in some cases walk back aspects of the administration's program revamp – was recently introduced by Reps. Suzan DelBene (D-WA), Peter Welch (D-VT) and Darin LaHood (R-IL) -- though some lobbyists say it’s unlikely Congress will have the appetite to take up the bill as much of lawmakers’ focus has been on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nursing Homes, Hospices, Inpatient Psych Facilities Get Pay Raises

CMS on Friday (July 31) finalized fiscal 2021 pay policies for nursing homes, hospices and inpatient psychiatric facilities, all of which can expect to see pay bumps come Oct. 1 albeit slightly less than previously proposed.

Groups Debate Whether House Cannabis Bill Would Hinder FDA Oversight

The House on Friday (July 31) passed 217-197 a fiscal 2021 funding bill containing a cannabis provision that one group argued would effectively prevent FDA from enforcing product safety standards.

FDA Increases Generic Application Fees, Lowers Others, For Fiscal 2021

FDA will increase its generic drug user fee application and drug master file fees in fiscal 2021 while reducing overall generic program and facility fees across the board, the agency announced Friday (July 31).

HHS Commits To Pay Sanofi/GSK $2.1B For Coronavirus Vaccine

The government committed to pay Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline $2.1 billion to develop and make 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine, HHS and the Department of Defense announced Friday (July 31), and Sanofi said more than half of the award is for the vaccine’s development. T

CMS Seeks Input On Exceptions To Controlled Substances Electronic Rx

CMS on Thursday (July 30) released a request for information on whether the agency should grant Part D providers exceptions to electronic prescribing requirements for controlled substances and under what circumstances.

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FDA plans to reduce fees for its biosimilar product development (BPD) program in fiscal 2021 and to keep overall biosimilar user fee program and application fees at their fiscal 2020 levels, the agency announced Thursday (July 30).

CA Public Health Plans Ask Congress To Strengthen Medicaid In Stimulus

A coalition of public health plans in California is calling on Congress to strengthen Medicaid in the upcoming stimulus package by including provisions to allow for presumptive eligibility, increase the federal share of Medicaid spending and block two controversial rules.

Inside CMS
Senate Relief Bill Includes Liability Limits, Telehealth Waiver Extensions

CMS Tells Suppliers It May Phase In Resumption Of Medicare Audits

MA Stakeholders, Hospices At Odds Over VBID Demo Delay

Providers Urged To Apply For Relief After Deadline Extended Due To Dismal Turnout

Health Exchange Alert
United, Other Insurers Extend Cost-Free COVID-19 Testing, Treatment

Stakeholders Push COBRA Subsidies As GOP Relief Bill Omits Funds

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FDA Week
GOP COVID Bill Calls For FDA, CDC To Speed Diagnostic, Vaccine R&D

FDA Issues Template For OTC COVID-19 Tests For Use In Offices, Schools

Stakeholders Urge FDA To Ramp Up First-Cycle Generic Drug Approvals

PhRMA, Patient Orgs Eye Remote Trial, Digital Health Expansion in PDUFA

Inside Drug Pricing
Trump Talks Tough On Drug Prices As HHS Doles Out Increasingly Bigger Awards To Drug Makers

Pfizer CEO Says Drug Pricing EOs Are Not Worth Discussing With Trump

Sanofi CEO Belittles Trump’s Plan To Cut Drug Prices To Intl. Levels

Generic Drug Prices ‘Tanking,’ Despite Fears Of Pandemic Price Gouging

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